Retiring in Nicaragua in 2017

Retiring in Nicaragua in 2017

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Had enough of cold winters and high prices? You're not alone. The number of people looking to retire in warmer climates had been growing steadily for years. Countries like Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico have long been popular retirement destination. Now Nicaragua is joining the club. Rated #8 this year on International Living's list of the top ten places to retire in 2017 ( it is poised to climb even higher in 2018.

1) Ease of property ownership as a foreigner:

There aren't many countries where it is as easy to buy property as a foreign citizen as Nicaragua. There are amost no restrictions on foreign ownership, and no local partner is required. Check out my article 15 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT BUYING PROPERTY IN NICARAUA to learn more about what it's like!

2) Excellent Property Values

Nicaragua is the overlooked step-child next to its famous sibling Costa Rica. While the Ticos down south get all the attention property values just north of the border are excellent. Two bedroom condos with shared pool close to San Juan Del Sur can be found for $135,000 ( to $170,000 ( right in town. And if your in the market for something luxurious places like Casa Travista ( would be over a million dollars in the United States but got for under $400,000 here.

3) Low Cost of Living

While its not as cheap as it used to be San Juan Del Sur still offers excellent value for money for long-term residents. Check out the COST OF LIVING EPORT ( from our friends at In Nica Now. They give a great breakdown of living expenses for a mature couple in San Juan Del Sur. A couple can get by on $1200 -$1500 a month here if they do most of their own cooking and have limited vehicle and travel expenses. $1500 to $2000 is more common and leave more room for fun activities. Above $2000 a month in San Jua Del Sur would get you a nice two bedroom home rental, good food and drinks, and a very enjoyable lifestyle.

4) Excellent choice of Restaurants and Bar

With the tourists come the bars and restaurants to serve them. My favourite breakfast spot is Simon Says options include the happy hours at El Timon

Before moving somewhere I'd reccomend living there for at least six months to see what it's really like versus being on vacation. See how it is to get internet acces, open a bank account, and see a doctor. If you still really like it after six months then there is a good chance you love it for the long term.


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