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Are you tired of freezing temperatures and shoveling snow? You're not alone. Increasing numbers of retirees are choosing to spend their golden years in more tropical locales. There is a reason why three of the top ten countries on Forbes list of best places to retire in 2018 are in Central America. Nicaragua joined the list this year at number eight, and is poised to move up further, as improving infrastructure, health care and housing options create a wealth of opportunities. Retirement funds will go a lot further here than in Canada, the United States or Europe. San Juan Del Sur specifically is home to the most foreigners per capita in the country, and it's no accident!  Here are the top six reasons to retire in Nicaragua in 2018:

1) Buying Property in Nicaragua is Easy

Nicaragua is one of the easiest places in the world to purchase and own property as a foreigner. There are almost no restrictions on foreign ownership, and no local partner is required. You have the exact same property ownership rights as a local. See the article 14 Things to Know About Buying Property in Nicaragua for all the details.

2) Excellent Real Estate Values

Nicaragua used to be overlooked next to its more famous neighbor Costa Rica. While south of the border gets a lot more attention, property values here are actually much better. Ocean view lots are available just over $40,000. One bedroom condos with a pool, walking distance to be beach can be found for $104,500. You can get a 3 bedroom commercial / residential property in  San Juan Del Sur for $220,00. Large luxury four bedroom ocean view condos start from $240,000. And if you are looking for income we have a turn key AirBNB property for sale as well!

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3) Low Cost of Living

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While its not quite as cheap as it used to be, San Juan Del Sur still offers excellent value for money for long-term residents. Check out the cost of living report from our friends at In Nica Now. They give a great breakdown of living expenses for a mature couple in San Juan Del Sur. A couple can get by on $1200 -$1500 a month here if they do most of their own cooking and have limited vehicle and travel expenses. $1500 to $2000 is more common and leaves more room for fun activities. Above $2000 a month in SJDS would get you a nice two bedroom home rental, good food and drinks, and a very enjoyable lifestyle.

4) Excellent Choice of Bars and Restaurants

With the foreign influx comes a fantastic selection bars and restaurants to cater to them. San Juan Del Sur is no exception. One great breakfast spot is Simon Says for its buffet breakfast, funky design, and relaxing back patio. Barrio Cafe is the authors favourite with its premium coffee, delicious breakfast and brunch, and the mouth watering eggs benedict. For the best vegetarian and vegan options Salud Kitchen serves up options even carnivores love.  El Timon is the most popular spot on the beach, with its famous happy hour and elegant Nica menu. G&G Gourmet is the most upscale place in town, and rated #1 on Tripadvisor. With seating by reservation only you still get most meals with a drink for under $20 per person!  Finally if you are looking for a beer or two at night the Cerveceria is the first brew pub in the country. They serve up a selection of their own beers to go along with an excellent menu of traditional bar fare and local favorites.

5) Health Care

The public medical system in Nicaragua is almost free, but underfunded. As a result expats normally get health insurance from one of a few companies. Then if they need care they can visit one of the excellent private hospitals, normally the Vivian Pellas Metropolitan Hosptial. It has gleaming first class facilities, English speaking staff, and some of the best doctors in Latin America.

Private insurance plans are offered by Seguros America, as well as plans directly from Vivian Pellas, which is now one of the finest hospitals in Central America. These plans can be used to supplement the essentially free socialized healthcare offered by the government. Check out the whole article Health Care in Nicaragua for all the info!

6) The Climate

With warm temperatures year round, the biggest concern is how cold the beer is.  Average monthly highs are almost always in the high 20's to low 30's C , 70's to 80's F. It almost never dips below 20 C, or 68 F. Nearly perpetually sunny and warm from December to April, and even the rainy season is usually pleasant, with a mix of sun, cloud, and rainstorms that turn the country emerald green. It sure beats snow drifts!

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Want to know more? Check out the blog for more video, tips and guides about life in Nica. If you are thinking about a move down you can check out real estate options as well. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Happy searching!

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